A handful of articles focusing on issues of gender equality that you may have missed in the JT:

Shoko Arai, former Kusatsu assemblywoman | FCCJ CHANNEL
Shoko Arai, former Kusatsu assemblywoman | FCCJ CHANNEL
  • A councilwoman who was ousted from the town assembly in a famous Japanese hot springs resort area after accusing the mayor of sexual assault says her case highlights the problems of male-dominated small-town politics, in which women are often silenced. It is extremely rare for victims of sexual assault to go public in Japan.
  • Japan’s road to gender parity is rocky and potholed, writes Michael Hoffman. In a recent Big in Japan column, he recounts a variety of stories collected by Aera magazine chronicling the stumbling, faltering journey, with both women and men frustrated by gender stereotyping even today, 35 years after the introduction of Japan’s Equal Employment Opportunity Law.
  • In Germany, Armin Laschet won a vote to become the new leader of the ruling CDU on Saturday, but his victory has thrown wide open the question of which man will succeed Angela Merkel as chancellor. Like Japan today, Germany before Merkel had never had a female at the helm. And for Japan’s ambitious female politicians, Merkel’s approach to climbing the political ladder by not focusing on gender is instructive, argues Shihoko Goto in a commentary.