As console-makers compete for Christmas shoppers’ hard-earned cash in this most crucial of seasons for the industry, a catch-up on gaming news: 

    • Sony is pulling the much-hyped Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation stores around the world, the firm said Friday, after a flood of complaints and ridicule over bugs, compatibility issues and even health risks. The dystopian-themed title is reportedly one of the most expensive games ever made, and its Dec. 10 release was hotly anticipated — but the rollout has been far from smooth.
    • The launch of the PlayStation 5 has been marred by scalpers who are buying up scarce supplies and threatening the long-term health of the Sony’s most important product. The problem is particularly acute this year because the coronavirus has squeezed production and pushed more sales online — where scalpers are using sophisticated bots to buy up the PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox.
Cyberpunk dev responds to Sony pulling the game — IGN Daily Fix | IGN
Cyberpunk dev responds to Sony pulling the game — IGN Daily Fix | IGN
  • Nintendo has added Sharp as an assembler of its Switch console, Bloomberg reports, as it works to stabilize production and hedge against U.S.-China trade tensions. The video game giant has struggled to produce enough units for most of this year as the hit game Animal Crossing: New Horizons and stuck-at-home consumers fueled demand. The Switch is now made in Sharp’s factory in Malaysia, in addition to existing China and Vietnam locations, according to sources.
  • As the coronavirus limits people’s ability to travel safely, a popular Japanese tourism destination is hoping to fill in the gap via Nintendo’s aforementioned smash hit Animal Crossing. Sado Island’s well-known tourist spots are featured in a virtual version of the island in the life sim. It’s apparently the first time a remote island in Japan has used the game to promote its appeal.
  • Looking for last-minute present ideas? In his latest On:Games column, Brian Ashcraft looks at a flurry of game releases scheduled for the end of the year, namely Cyberpunk 2077 (er, scratch that), Collection of SaGa Final Fantasy Legend and Densha de Go!! Hashiro Yamanote Sen. If you fancy getting all nostalgic, recently Ashcraft checked out some spruced-up versions of games featuring Crash Bandicoot (the mascot Sonic the Hedgehog could’ve been), Pikmin and Shin Megami Tensei.