Jan 29, 2012

Purpose of a higher education

Regarding the Jan. 23 article, "More crucial than English" (by Takamitsu Sawa): The question of why Japanese students' intellectual capacities are not developed has not been adequately addressed. When it comes to the humanities, Japanese students are discouraged from developing critical thinking skills. Unlike many ...

/ Mar 17, 2011

Japan's immense challenge


HONG KONG — Prime Minister Naoto Kan rightly called it the worst disaster to hit Japan since World War II. But the question now for Japan is whether the massive earthquake and tsunami that smashed the country on Friday can prove to be the ...

May 27, 2007

Still can't say where the money went

The Lower House Budget Committee had an intensive deliberation on the issue of money and politics last week, with the opposition concentrating on a dubious report by Agriculture Minister Toshikatsu Matsuoka's political fund management organization. The committee scene was a re-enactment of what happened ...