China plays down U.S. concerns over anti-terror legislation

Mar 4, 2015

China plays down U.S. concerns over anti-terror legislation

China has played down U.S. concerns that proposed anti-terror legislation would give the Chinese government sweeping power to police electronic communications and marginalize foreign companies fighting for a share of China's $465 billion technology market, saying Wednesday that the law is purely designed to ...

/ Jan 23, 2015

SoftBank to merge four telecom units in April

SoftBank Corp. said Friday it will merge its four domestic telecommunications subsidiaries next April to improve business efficiency and competitiveness. The telecoms and Internet giant will integrate its operations under the surviving SoftBank Mobile Corp. starting April 1. The SoftBank board approved the structural reform ...

Sep 17, 2013

Communication apps put employees' personal devices to work

A handful of tech companies are betting that smartphones will eventually serve a different role in the workplace than they do outside. The "bring your own device" trend — employers cutting IT budgets by requiring employees to use personal phones instead of company-provided devices — ...