Tokyo's 'fayrest that ever was'

Stage Dec 11, 2013

Tokyo's 'fayrest that ever was'

by Stuart Varnam-Atkin

Scene 1: Late evening, Sept. 23, 1990, at the tiny Greek amphitheater, Shin-Okubo, Tokyo 'Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more ... " Dozens of actors, actresses, staff, and hangers-on are sitting on the steps, drinks in hand, watching a distinguished British actor perform ...

Editorials Oct 9, 2013

Penalizing hate speech

In the first ruling of its kind, the Kyoto District Court orders an anti-Korean group to pay ¥12 million to a pro-Pyongyang school as compensation for the group's anti-Korean protests.

Editorials Jun 5, 2013

No place for hate speech

In demonstrations repeatedly held in Tokyo's Shin-Okubo district, home to many Korean shops and restaurants, participants have shouted threatening words such as "Kill both good and bad Koreans," "Koreans, get out," and "Sink them in Tokyo Bay." They ostensibly seek to stop what they regard ...