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Japan Times
Jun 25, 2019
Sea Shepherd in Australia eyes measures against Japanese whaling
The Australian division of anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd is considering possible measures against Japan's plan to restart commercial whaling in July after a hiatus of 31 years, according to a senior official.
Dec 27, 2018
Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd 'delighted' by Japan's IWC withdrawal
A U.S.-based marine wildlife conservation organization declared a "victory" in making the Antarctic Ocean a whaling-free zone after Japan announced its withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission to resume commercial catches in its economic zone in July.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Jan 16, 2017
Australia disappointed by Japan's whale hunt in Southern Ocean
Australia said Monday it is "deeply disappointed" that Japan has continued whaling in the Southern Ocean after anti-whaling activists published a photograph of a dead whale two days after Australian and Japanese leaders discussed the issue.
Japan Times
Aug 23, 2016
U.S. Sea Shepherd settles case but Australian branch defiant
U.S.-based activist group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has reached a court-mediated settlement in which it is permanently prevented from 'physically attacking' Japanese whaling vessels and crew.
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Jun 17, 2015
Environmentalist, whaling foe Paul Watson can reapply for passport, Canada says
The Canadian government said on Tuesday it will allow environmentalist Paul Watson to reapply for his passport, three years after the document was confiscated by German authorities.
Japan Times
Mar 16, 2015
Japanese activists fight against the tide to save whales and dolphins
Homegrown foes of dolphin hunts and 'research whaling' face off against a daunting array of powerful interests.
Japan Times
Apr 13, 2014
Government plans to resume 'research whaling' in 2015
The Institute of Cetacean Research files briefs in Seattle District Court stating its intent to resume whale hunting in the Southern Ocean as early as fiscal 2015.
Japan Times
Feb 3, 2014
Whaling fleet being harassed, Japan says
The Japanese government slams the conservation group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for employing dangerous tactics to obstruct the operations of Japanese whaling vessels in the Antarctic Ocean over the weekend, causing one of them to suffer damage to its stern.


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