Reader Mail Dec 15, 2011

Arguments that invite criticism

In his Dec. 8 letter, "Criticism of criticism puzzling," Brett Gross wishes someone would explain the logic behind criticism of unbalanced arguments that one sometimes reads in print, with regard to my Dec. 1 letter "Unbalanced article on immigrants" (which had criticized Hiroaki Sato's ...

Commentary / World Oct 31, 2011

Saudi Arabia's old regime grows older

by Yuki, Tentacle77, Nguyễn Đỗ Duy, Yusaku Kusahara, Saket, Stella Mong, Debbie Carnes, J233456B, ひで, nono, renyaro, George Johnson, Fivb, Ikeda Ryo, D. Luria, Claudia Kjuri, Chris Narveson, Megu, mariko, asaki, ino and Mai Yamani

The contrast between the deaths, within two days of each other, of Libya's Col. Moammar Gadhafi and Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdel Aziz is one of terminal buffoonery versus decadent gerontocracy. And their demise is likely to lead to very different outcomes: liberation ...

Editorials Jul 23, 2007

Containing the spread of guns

The government's project team for studying measures to prevent the spread of guns has submitted a report to the state minister in charge of such measures, Sanae Takaichi. She says the government will push the necessary measures with determination to revive the nation as ...