Buddhist hells are frighteningly human

Art Aug 8, 2017

Buddhist hells are frighteningly human

by Matthew Larking

Popularly known as Genshin (942-1017), the high-ranking Buddhist prelate Eshin Sozu was said to have been born following his devout mother's prayers to the Kannon of Takaoji Temple in Taima, Nara Prefecture. Genshin began the road to monkhood in youth, studying at Kyoto's Enryakuji Temple ...

'National Treasures of Japan'

Art / Openings In Tokyo Oct 9, 2014

'National Treasures of Japan'

by Daisuke Kikuchi

Nearly 120 of Japan's National Treasures are being brought together for the Tokyo National Museum's third Heisei Era "National Treasures of Japan" exhibition, which this year also commemorates the 80th birthday of Emperor Akihito. Through important paintings, sculptures, decorative art objects, documents and other historical ...

'Celestial Dance:  The Art of Hiten'

Art / Openings In Tokyo Nov 20, 2013

'Celestial Dance: The Art of Hiten'

by Jordan Sievers

Hiten, bodhisattvas that fly and dance in praise of Buddha, are wondrous beings, sometimes refered to as "flying angels." This exhibition focuses on the Buddhist symbols and their portrayal in various art forms, including sculptures and paintings. Ahead of the reopening of the renovated ...