Commentary / World Jul 4, 2014

NSA surveillance needs more alert watchdog

by Susan Crawford

A U.S. senator now worries that there isn't the judicial oversight to prevent the National Security Agency from using its access to the giant pile of foreign-intelligence information it has collected over many years to conduct warrantless searches for communications from Americans.

Editorials Jan 15, 2014

The 'Internet of everything'

The advent of the "Internet of things," the ever-expanding array of connectedness between computer sensors and consumer devices, promises convenience as well as privacy and security concerns.

Editorials Nov 13, 2013

Spotlight on the Deep Web

It's hard to believe that the prodigious talents at America's National Security Agency cannot apply themselves to the problems of the unregulated dark domain of the "Deep Web.

Editorials Nov 7, 2013

The limits of surveillance

Whether the issue is NSA's mission or constitutional principles, the constraints placed on how intelligence services operate in a democratic society should reflect a consensus reached by its citizens.