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Japan Times
Dec 12, 2018
Japanese schools adopt therapy 'games' to help kids fight problems that can lead to bullying and truancy
More and more schools are trying out cognitive behavioral therapy "games" to get kids to confront their everyday problems, and in turn lessen the likelihood they will cut school or bully others.
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Dec 5, 2018
One-time U.S. 'model soldier' faces 25 years for Islamic State support but mental health questioned
A U.S. Army sergeant described by former colleagues as a one-time "model soldier" is due to be sentenced in a Hawaii federal court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to providing material support to the Islamic State militant group.
Japan Times
LIFE / Lifestyle
Nov 18, 2018
Mindfulness in times of distraction
Mindfulness coach Junya Ogino believes that if leaders learned more about mindfulness and meditation, their employees would also reap the benefits.
Japan Times
ASIA PACIFIC / Science & Health
Sep 27, 2018
Scientists look to Chinese soup ingredients to treat dementia
The ingredients in this experimental brain treatment may be better known to enhance cooking, not cognition.
Japan Times
Sep 8, 2018
Japan gaming industry group to bolster educational activities in bid to prevent kids from becoming addicted
Association plans to introduce parents to apps and other tools that restrict the amount of time their child can play video games
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Aug 9, 2018
Exercise — in moderation — linked to better mental health
A study in the United States has found that people who exercise several times a week report having better mental health than those who take no exercise, with team sports and those involving social groups having the most positive effect.
Japan Times
Jul 14, 2018
Dementia is pushing cancer out of the medical spotlight
 The media love cancer — what causes it, how to prevent it, who has it. Cancer is something that potentially touches everybody in a dramatic way, and therefore public interest is keen.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Jul 12, 2018
Suffering goes on for Ebola survivors with many experiencing severe mental and neurological problems
People who survive the deadly Ebola virus can continue to suffer severe psychiatric and neurological problems including depression, debilitating migraines, nerve pain and strokes, according to a study published on Wednesday.
Jul 7, 2018
Alzheimer's research gets glimmer of hope, but not for first time
For the few drugmakers that haven't given up on the decadeslong, elusive quest for a cure of Alzheimer's disease, each piece of news is a small signpost along a possible path to success — and billions of dollars in potential sales.
Japan Times
Jun 2, 2018
Memory athletes could be on the right track to a longer life
To memory athlete Akira Haraguchi reciting pi is like chanting the Buddhist mantra and meditating: 'Everything that circles around carries the spirit of the Buddha. I think pi is the ultimate example of that.'
Japan Times
May 10, 2018
Mind games: North Korean detention may have scarred U.S. prisoners
Three Americans released from North Korean captivity Wednesday are at risk of a range of symptoms, from crippling anxiety to severe depression, as a result of the trauma experienced during their imprisonment.
Japan Times
Mar 10, 2018
Confusing power with powerlessness
"We're all terrified. It's like living in a mass grave." It's an underground shelter. "No water, no food, no ventilation, no toilets. Explosion after explosion. It never stops."
Japan Times
Mar 3, 2018
Japan's media out of step with mental health issues
In January, a couple in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, were arrested for allegedly confining their daughter for at least 15 years before she froze to death in December at the age of 33. The couple told police they had kept her in the tiny room where her body was found because she was mentally ill. They...
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Feb 22, 2018
The drugs do work: Study seeks to end antidepressant debate
A vast study that sought to settle a long-standing debate about whether or not antidepressant drugs really work has found they are indeed effective in relieving acute depression in adults.
Japan Times
WORLD / Crime & Legal
Feb 16, 2018
FBI admits being alerted to Florida gunman last year but couldn't pinpoint him
The Federal Bureau of Investigation was warned in September about an ominous online comment by the 19-year-old man accused of killing 17 people at his former high school but was unable to locate him, an agent said on Thursday.
Japan Times
Feb 2, 2018
Fidel Castro's son commits suicide, Cuban state-run media report
The eldest son of late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, committed suicide Thursday at age 68 after being treated for months for depression, Cuban state-run media reported.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Science & Health
Feb 1, 2018
Japanese and Australian researchers develop quick way to diagnose Alzheimer's with simple blood test
The new method screens for the buildup of a protein in the brain believed to be linked to the disease.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Jan 25, 2018
Records of sterilizations under Japan's scrapped eugenics law could help victims seek state compensation
Records of about 2,700 males and females Japan sterilized under the Eugenic Protection Law until 1996 are found in local archives, showing who gave consent and who didn't.
Japan Times
Jan 15, 2018
Yonkoma manga: Lives told, lessons learned in four frames
The internet has provided would-be manga artists with an easy way to publish their own yonkoma (four-frame manga), resulting in a wide variety of different stories that are easily accessible and free.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Nov 29, 2017
Children of parents with mental illnesses launch support group, setting sights on events across Japan
People in Japan raised by those with mental illnesses, who often face fear and anxiety due to the difficulty understanding their parents' conditions, are launching a group to share their experiences and offer mutual support.


The Japanese government updated its English education guidelines in 2017 to emphasize communication over grammar and memorization. Public school teachers are incredibly busy, however, which means schools haven’t been able to implement changes uniformly. Private and alternative schools are attempting to remedy this.
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