Jun 4, 2018

Group of Japanese detained in China return home

All 21 members of what is thought to be a Christian group from Japan detained in China since May have now returned home, according to a Foreign Ministry source. Many of the group members, all Japanese citizens, are likely to have been deported, the source ...

Japan-China relationship is on the mend

/ May 16, 2018

Japan-China relationship is on the mend

by Masahiro Kohara

Momentum can change trends in international relations. A series of summits in Panmunjom and Tokyo has created growing momentum toward dialogue and peace rather than pressure and tension. In April, the leaders of the two Koreas agreed to work with the United States and China ...

May 4, 2018

JBIC proposes Japan-China consortium for Thai railway project

A senior official with the Japan Bank for International Cooperation has proposed a Japan-China consortium build a high-speed railway system in Thailand, in what the agency called the first proposal to have companies from the two countries work together on an infrastructure project in ...