Environment Apr 7, 2015

Fukushima radiation newly detected off British Columbia

Radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster that started in 2011 has for the first time been detected along a North American shoreline, though at levels too low to pose a significant threat to human or marine life, scientists said on Monday. Trace amounts of Cesium-134 ...

National Dec 16, 2013

Radioactive cesium levels in Miyagi forest soil up since 2011

Levels of radioactive cesium in soil and on the ground of two forests in Miyagi Prefecture have risen since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster started, according to results of a recent survey. In forests about 60 km and 120 km north of the severely damaged ...

Tepco radioactive flow raises alarm over seafood safety

National Aug 23, 2013

Tepco radioactive flow raises alarm over seafood safety

by Mizuho Aoki

Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s revelation that massive amounts of radioactive water are flowing into the Pacific further raised fears about the harm to marine life. Tepco estimated that between May 2011 and this month, a staggering 40 trillion becquerels of radioactive tritium, 20 trillion becquerels ...

National Jun 4, 2013

Tepco finds groundwater contaminated with radioactive cesium

Tokyo Electric Power Co. has detected radioactive cesium in groundwater samples taken from the premises of the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear complex, reversing an earlier announcement that any contamination was negligible. The announcement came Monday as Tepco was trying to secure the consent of ...