Business / Tech Mar 4, 2016

Japan OKs recognizing virtual currencies as similar to real money

The Cabinet on Friday approved a set of bills to help banking groups expand their information technology businesses and to recognize virtual currencies as having a function similar to real money. Under the revised banking bills, bank-holding companies will be able to acquire IT-related ventures. ...

Editorials Aug 24, 2015

Regulating virtual currencies

Along with preventing the abuse of the virtual currency transactions for money laundering and criminal purposes, new cybermoney regulations should aim to protect the interests of its users.

Business Jul 16, 2014

Chinese bitcoin firm joins Atlas ATS in bid for Mt. Gox assets

BitOcean, a Chinese bitcoin startup, joined with New York-based exchange platform Atlas ATS Inc. to bid for the assets of Mt. Gox, the exchange platform that filed for bankruptcy in Japan earlier this year. BitOcean and Atlas will invest $1 million worth of bitcoins to ...

Business May 14, 2014

Ministry to track illegal bitcoin deals

The government is vowing to monitor illegal transactions of bitcoins, but will put off regulating trade of the online digital currency, according to government and ruling party officials. Amid fears that criminal organizations have used bitcoins in money laundering and drug deals, the Ministry of ...

Commentary / World Dec 3, 2013

Bitcoins need to be better than real currency

by Stephen L. Carter

Bitcoins appeal to people's libertarian side, because they challenge the control of money by governments that too often see inflation and deflation as instruments of policy. This virtual currency suggests the possibility of a future in which networks of individuals can make transactions for ...