National | MIXED MATCHES Aug 17, 2010

Himalayan love story peaks in Chiba

by Mami Maruko

"People say it's like a love story in a Bollywood movie," says Paul Rajesh, 34, who was born in Manali, a town in northern India's Himachal Pradesh state. After his family resided in different parts of India, Paul returned to Manali to work at a ...

National | MIXED MATCHES May 18, 2010

Language no problem for gallery pair

by Natsuko Fukue

Hitoshi Ohashi, 48, and Robert Tobin, 63, have been in a relationship for 20 years. When they first met at a bar in the Shinjuku district in Tokyo, Ohashi, a makeup artist, barely spoke English, and Tobin, an American professor in the business department ...

National | MIXED MATCHES Mar 9, 2010

For academic pair, viva art, history

by Natsuko Fukue

Junko Kume and Isaac Ait Moreno moved to Tokyo last September for work, but they say it does not matter where they live as long as they can be together. The 34-year-old Japanese senior assistant professor and her 32-year-old husband from Spain, who married in ...

National | MIXED MATCHES Nov 21, 2009

Couple's love story started in Africa

by Kazuaki Nagata

good faith. What language do you use to communicate with each other and your children? Emmanuel: We usually speak French with each other. Eriko: Our children speak to their father in French and to their mother in Japanese. Emmanuel: When they speak to their relatives, ...