Author Hirotada Ototake said Monday that he will run as an independent in the April 28 House of Representatives by-election in the Tokyo No. 15 constituency.

Ototake, 48, who announced his bid for the lower chamber of parliament at a news conference, is expected to receive the backing of First no Kai, a political organization closely linked to Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike that he serves as deputy leader.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party, which has decided not to field its own candidate for the constituency, is discussing supporting Ototake as a recommended candidate.

At the press conference, Ototake said that as one who has congenital tetra-amelia syndrome (born without arms or legs), he wants to "help people in need through the power of politics."

He said that he will consider whether to accept recommendations from the LDP and other parties based on their policies.

Ototake expressed deep regret over his past scandal involving women, saying he wants to "apologize again for losing trust."

The by-election follows the resignation of former LDP member Mito Kakizawa, a former state minister of justice, over a vote-buying scandal.

The LDP gave up the idea of putting up its own candidate in light of public criticisms over the party's political funds scandal.

The main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan and Nippon Ishin no Kai are among those set to field their own candidates in the race.