Sample newspaper article



Words and phrases

日本(にほん)フランチャイズチェーン協会(きょうかい) Japan Franchise Association

23日 (にじゅうさんにち) the 23rd

発表(はっぴょう)する to announce

2月 (にがつ) February

主要 (しゅよう) major

コンビニ convenience store

7社 (ななしゃ) seven companies

既存店売上高 (きぞんてんうりあげだか) same-store sales

前年同月比 (ぜんねんどうげつひ) on year-on-year basis

2.6%増(ぞう) 2.6 percent increase

~となる to become ~

2カ月 (にかげつ) two months

連続 (れんぞく) consecutive

プラス increase, plus

うるう年 (どし) leap year

営業日 (えいぎょうび) business day

1日 (いちにち) one day

多(おお)い more, great in number

ほか in addition to

新型(しんがた)コロナウイルス novel coronavirus

感染拡大 (かんせんかくだい) spread of infection

~による due to~

マスク face mask

~といった such as ~

衛生用品 (えいせいようひん) hygiene product

など and others

需要 (じゅよう) demand

増(ふ)える to increase

~に働(はたら)く to contribute to ~

防止策 (ぼうしさく) preventive measure

外出 (がいしゅつ) going out

~を控(ひか)える to refrain from ~

家 (いえ) home

過(す)ごす to spend time

人 (ひと) person, people

ため because, since

パン bread

冷凍食品 (れいとうしょくひん) frozen food

売(う)り上(あ)げ sales

伸(の)びる to increase, to grow

一方 (いっぽう) meanwhile

イベント event

自粛 (じしゅく) voluntary restraint

チケット ticket

販売 (はんばい) sales

落(お)ち込(こ)む to decrease

来店客数 (らいてんきゃくすう) customer traffic, number of customers

5カ月(ごかげつ)ぶり first time in five months

Quick questions

1) 2月のコンビニ主要7社の売上高は前年同月比でどのくらい増えましたか?

2) どんな商品が売れましたか?その理由は何ですか?


The Japan Franchise Association announced March 23 that the same-store sales of seven major convenience store operators rose 2.6 percent in February from a year earlier, marking an increase for the second straight month. The rise reflected the effects of an additional day of store operation due to the leap year and surging demand for hygiene products, such as masks, amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Sales of bread and frozen food increased as more people stayed home to prevent the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, ticket sales declined due to the voluntary suspension of events. The number of shoppers rose 2.3 percent, up for the first time in five months.


1) How much did the sales of seven major convenience store operators increase in February from a year earlier?


It increased by 2.6 percent.

2) What kind of products sold well and why?


Hygiene products such as masks, bread and frozen foods sold well due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.