Yasushi Kakizaki

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Woman organizes 'girls-only' IT security event

National Sep 18, 2014

Woman organizes 'girls-only' IT security event

A Tokyo woman eager to network with other women interested in information security recently organized a "girls-only" event on the subject in the Roppongi district touted as the first in the country. Called "CTF for Girls," the event also offered beginners a chance to study ...

Kumamoto in rush to take games to the mat

National Jan 9, 2014

Kumamoto in rush to take games to the mat

Kumamoto Prefecture, the nation's biggest producer of rush but battling through sluggish demand, has gotten some welcome news: A ranking member of the Abe administration has suggested tatami mats may be used in the athletes' village for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. "It's a blessing," said ...

Reader Mail Feb 27, 2011

Pawns of leading-edge 'research'

The front-page Feb. 22 article "Work starts at Shinjuku Unit 731" prompted me to make a few comments as a student of the Chinese language who visited the Biological Warfare Unit 731 site in the Pingfang district of Harbin, China. (The Shinjuku site in Tokyo ...

Reader Mail Jan 6, 2011

No proof seniors drive less safely

The Jan. 3 Kyodo article "Traffic deaths down but not for seniors" reports that, for the first time, half of all victims of fatal traffic accidents in Japan during 2010 were 65 or older. The piece then opines that the imbalance in the distribution ...