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Observing the world in Yokohama's giant Orbi

Art Aug 26, 2013

Observing the world in Yokohama's giant Orbi

What's on show at this new, nature-themed high-tech museum should appeal to your senses — literally. Take in the smell of the ocean while watching penguins wander in the polar region. Feel the wild presence of the world's biggest lizard right next to you as ...

National Aug 3, 2002

Lack of rival leaves Koizumi boss by default

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's sky-high popularity is a thing of the past. Over the last six months, his public approval ratings have declined sharply, as has his image as a charismatic reformer. But no other figure in the Liberal Democratic Party, which he heads, has ...

Koizumi plays public relations game like a pro

National Dec 29, 2001

Koizumi plays public relations game like a pro

This was the year of the Koizumi craze. Products such as a Junichiro Koizumi cell phone strap and T-shirts stamped with the prime minister's face sold as if he were a teen idol. A collection of photographs of Koizumi hit bookstores nationwide, and in early December ...

National | VIEWS ON KABUL Oct 11, 2001

Lawmaker says contribution to U.S.-led effort is essential

Japan's reliance on the Middle East for energy supplies and its role as a U.S. ally make a maximum contribution to the U.S.-led campaign against terrorism essential, according to lawmaker Kenshiro Matsunami, who is well-versed in Afghan affairs. Kenshiro Matsunami Matsunami, 54, who has visited Afghanistan ...

National Sep 27, 2001

SDF, economic reforms top Diet session agenda

With a 72-day extraordinary Diet session convening today, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and his government face two major challenges: seeking consensus on Japan's support for expected U.S.-led military operations against terrorists and on steps to help the flagging economy. The first task is to secure ...

National Sep 22, 2001

Laws thwart Japan's resolve to deal with crises

Staff writers The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in the United States awakened Tokyo to the possibility that similar incidents could take place here, prompting lawmakers to review Japan's own emergency contingency preparedness. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi announced plans to revise the Self-Defense Forces ...

National Sep 21, 2001

Japan must avoid treading Gulf War path

Staff writers After last week's terrorist attacks in the United States, Japan was again haunted by the dilemma that confronted it 10 years ago. While the U.S. and its allies mull ways to retaliate, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has been pressed to find ways for ...

National Sep 1, 2001

Suzuki denies all links with Kenyan project

The following are excerpts from an interview with Lower House member Muneo Suzuki about a controversial hydropower project in Kenya. The interview was conducted on Aug. 22 in Tokyo. What is your view on this hydroelectric power project? It has caused me a great deal ...

National Sep 1, 2001

Dirty waters surround Kenya dam plan

A group of lawmakers will arrive in Kenya on Sunday for a two-day inspection tour that is likely to end up endorsing a controversial hydroelectric dam project. After official meetings next week with Kenyan leaders who openly support the dam, observers say the team will ...