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Business Aug 31, 2001

Action on online broker shows market trend

Tokyo stocks remain trapped in a deepening slump, mirroring negative investor sentiment. After hitting a year-to-date high of 14,529.41 on May 7, the benchmark 225-issue Nikkei average sank below the 11,000 level during thin trading on Wednesday. Daily average turnover has plunged below 600 billion ...

Business Aug 3, 2001

ETFs proving darling of online traders

Having long shunned investment trust funds, online investors have reacted positively to the launch of exchange traded funds. There is good reason. For one thing, ETFs charge lower commissions than conventional investment trust funds. Commissions of 0.23 percent are charged on ETFs, compared with the ...

Business Jun 8, 2001

DSL needed to spur e-trade

Investors are turning to a high-speed Internet connection service in droves, providing a major lift to the online stock trading phenomena. The service, which is based on a digital subscriber line, uses telephone lines to let Web users surf at speeds more than 10 times ...

Business May 12, 2001

Nighttime services popular among traders

Around-the-clock global stock trading is becoming the order of the day. Index options based on the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Nikkei average are traded in London and Chicago, while nighttime stock dealings have proved a boon to earnings of participating stockbrokers in Japan. While a nighttime exchange ...

Business Apr 12, 2001

Web, mobile-based trading is seen to be catching fire

The surge in Web surfers is brightening prospects for online stock trading. With Internet connection services for mobile phones fast expanding, online stock trading is becoming the order of the day. Matsui Securities Co. received buy and sell orders from some 1,800 customers by cellphone in ...

Business Mar 14, 2001

Net-based trading threatens major brokers

With stock trading over the Internet picking up strongly, online brokerages have played an increasingly key role over the past year in determining daily stock prices. For example, orders received by Matsui Securities Co. over the Internet totaled 35,958 in February, up 92.6 percent over ...

Business Feb 9, 2001

Retailers not only ones pressured to compete

Public attention is being drawn to the aggressive marketing strategies of Uniqlo and Carrefour. Fast Retailing Co., which runs the Uniqlo clothing chain, and French retail giant Carrefour both seek to obtain a major slice of the retail market by bypassing wholesalers and middlemen. ...

Business Jan 13, 2001

Online short sellers bask amid stock fall

Margin transactions over the Internet are drawing attention. An increasing number of individual investors with access to the Net have gone online to buy stocks on credit or sell them short, and many of them are increasing their presence in day-to-day stock trading. The Tokyo stock ...

Business Dec 7, 2000

Buying over Net bucks downward trend

While the downtrend in Tokyo share prices continued unabated in recent months, a growing number of individual investors stepped up purchases over the Internet. The continued volatility of the Tokyo market sent a broad array of stocks down to attractive price levels, enticing individual investors ...