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With Japan push, Indonesia leads in lashes

Oct 7, 2010

With Japan push, Indonesia leads in lashes

PURBALINGGA, Indonesia — Welcome to Purbalingga, Indonesia's capital of false eyelashes. Regular, colored, decorated and Halloween are just a few of the popular models of false eyelashes made here to adorn the eyes of millions of women in Japan and other parts of the world. Jun ...

Jun 18, 2010

Indonesia nurses struggle to pass Japanese exams

BANDUNG, Indonesia — Since August 2008, only two of the 570 foreigners who have managed to pass Japan's rigorous national examinations to become certified nurses have been Indonesians. But that doesn't stop many hopeful Indonesians from struggling to master Japanese and fulfill their dream of ...

May 13, 2010

Porn star's comedy finally opens in Indonesia

JAKARTA — An Indonesian comedy starring porn actress Maria Ozawa premiered in a number of cities around the nation this month despite opposition from some religious groups in the world's biggest Muslim country. The film, "Menculik Miyabi" ("Kidnapping Miyabi"), classified as a teen comedy film ...

Cyclist nears end of epic 11-year journey

May 15, 2009

Cyclist nears end of epic 11-year journey

JAKARTA (Kyodo) After nearly 11 years and changing tires 78 times, Daisuke Nakanishi is now in Indonesia, the 125th country he has visited on a round-the-world cycling tour. Wearing a white shirt bearing the message "Bike to Work," a gift from Jakarta-based cyclists, the 39-year-old ...

Jan 10, 2001

Jakarta's bicycle cabs hanging on

JAKARTA (Kyodo) The tinkling of a bicycle bell may attract little attention in most parts of the world but in Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, it could be your taxi ride. In the overcrowded metropolis of about 10 million people, this old-style, two-wheeled form of public ...