Ralph A. Cossa

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/ Oct 6, 2014

Central Asia's Great Game

Concerns that U.S. sanctions against President Vladimir Putin is driving Russia and China closer together are unfounded, because neither country trusts the other.

/ Nov 29, 2012

Good time to show he deserves the Nobel Prize

At a recent international conference, a colleague asked, somewhat irreverently (but not irrelevantly), "Now that Obama has been re-elected, will he finally earn his Nobel Prize?" It's a fair question. Hopes were high in the international disarmament community after President Barack Obama's 2009 Prague speech ...

/ May 24, 2012

Beijing's North Korea policy only emboldens Pyongyang

Discussions in Beijing about North Korea are always frustrating. It's not so much due to the sharp divergence in U.S. and Chinese thinking about how to deal with Pyongyang; the two sides differ on many issues. No, the real problem, from our perspective, is ...

/ Nov 11, 2009

A good time to remember the ANZUS alliance's fate

HONOLULU — The headlines associated with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates' recent visit to Japan notwithstanding, relations between Washington and Tokyo are not as strained as they may appear . . . at least not yet. But there is no question that improper handling ...

Feb 12, 2009

Secretary Clinton's No. 1 mission is to reassure allies

HONOLULU — We welcome the news that Hillary Clinton's first overseas trip as U.S. secretary of state will be to Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China. While her visit to Beijing will likely garner the lion's share of attention and her visit to Indonesia will ...

/ Mar 19, 2007

Abe should be looking forward, not back

HONOLULU -- What was he thinking? That is the question most Japan-watchers grappled with following Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo's fumbled questions about the imperial Japanese government's role in recruiting "comfort women" during World War II. His responses came close to undoing the progress ...

/ Sep 30, 2006

Shinzo Abe's twin challenges

HONOLULU -- Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he wants to make Japan "a country that is trusted and loved" by the entire world. On the face of it, this should not be that difficult a task. After all, in the past 60 years, ...

/ Jan 5, 2003

Time for a U.N. response

HONOLULU -- North Korea's nuclear brinkmanship is escalating. Pyongyang is now claiming that only a nonaggression treaty between North Korea and Washington can prevent "a catastrophic crisis of a war" on the Korean Peninsula. Of course, Washington has said repeatedly that it has no intention ...