Philip G. Altbach

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Commentary / World May 13, 2011

Ditch the school recruiters

International student mobility is big business. Approximately 2.8 million students study abroad, distributing at least $50 billion around the globe annually. Most international students come from developing or middle-income countries, the majority from East and South Asia, and most are self-financed. They contribute major revenues ...

Commentary / World Sep 5, 2002

Say no to global trade in education

The Ministry of Education will consider revising legislation governing the recognition of foreign universities in Japan as a wedge for opening Japan's education market to foreign institutions. The reason for this reconsideration is pressure from the World Trade Organization. Eight WTO members, including the ...

Commentary / World Jun 24, 2002

Remote Okinawan location handicaps research university

BOSTON -- The Japanese government has announced plans for a new research university to be built from scratch in Okinawa Prefecture, the island chain located 2.5 hours flying time southwest of Tokyo and known mainly for its tropical weather and U.S. military bases. One could ...

Commentary / World Apr 20, 2000

More than money needed to build a premier university

Not long ago, Singapore's education minister, Teo Chee Hean, articulated his government's long-held desire to build a "world class" higher education establishment as an underpinning for its "knowledge economy." Teo makes the argument that "in a knowledge economy, intellectual capital is a prized resource," ...