Matthew Saltmarsh

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Business Apr 23, 2002

Prodi visit to pave way for EU-Japan summit

BRUSSELS -- European Union Commission President Romano Prodi will embark on an official visit to Japan later this week to pave the way for the EU-Japan summit in July and to discuss a variety of international issues. These include the Middle East crisis, tensions in ...

Business Apr 22, 2002

Japan's deflation a puzzling issue for Europeans

BRUSSELS -- Viewed from Europe, there are some signs that the Japanese economy might be starting to emerge from its 10-year slumber, but it remains essential that Tokyo focus on far-reaching structural reforms and antideflation measures rather than short-term policy lurches if the economy ...

Banker sees smooth euro cash start, no 'black fund'

Business Nov 22, 2001

Banker sees smooth euro cash start, no 'black fund'

FRANKFURT -- Japanese investors should have full confidence in the stability and strength of the euro as the currency is launched in its physical form at the start of next year, according to the European central banker coordinating the project. Eugenio Domingo Solans, one of ...

Commentary / World May 10, 2001

Europeans wonder if Koizumi can deliver

BRUSSELS -- Despite the initial popularity and purported radicalism of Japan's new prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, there is no evidence yet to show he has the vision or the ability to pull the country out of its economic slump and carry through the reforms ...