Makoto Tai

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Efforts a-hoof to preserve Japan's indigenous Taishu horse

Apr 24, 2016

Efforts a-hoof to preserve Japan's indigenous Taishu horse

Breeding of the Taishu, an ancient breed of horse that originated on Tsushima, a remote island in southwestern Japan, is gradually progressing under a program to preserve the endangered equine. The Taishu is one of eight horse breeds designated as indigenous in Japan by the ...

Young bureaucrats plugging away at Kasumigaseki reform

Jan 11, 2013

Young bureaucrats plugging away at Kasumigaseki reform

A group of young officials in Tokyo's Kasumigaseki government district have been working on reforming the nation's central administrative system, which they say is too vertically segmented and has failed to produce internationally competitive policies. About 20 current and former civil servants mainly from government ...

May 28, 2010

Budget woes force cities into the 'cloud'

Growing numbers of local governments are turning to "cloud computing" to reduce administrative costs of such tasks as managing residential data, tax records and local finances. Cloud computing, which involves mass-sharing of Internet-based software programs, is becoming attractive because it is much less expensive than ...

Oct 11, 2007

Consumer gripes 'commercialized' into unique goods

The Fukui Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the city of Fukui has been heeding consumer complaints with a view to developing their ideas into attractive products. Examples include umbrellas that repel more rainwater to protect clothing, eye glasses that shine in the dark ...

Wild boars 'terrorize' Tsuruga plants

Mar 2, 2007

Wild boars 'terrorize' Tsuruga plants

Host to seven power plants, Tsuruga, a finger of land that juts into the Sea of Japan, has been dubbed "the nuclear power peninsula." But some local residents are apparently more worried by the growing number of wild boars on the peninsula. The bulk of ...