Katsuhiko Oda

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Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Aug 1, 2002

Dollar selloff takes breather

The dollar, on the sell side for 3 1/2 months, sank to the 115 yen level a fortnight ago and hit parity with the euro. It then rebounded, after Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan issued a warning. Bleak global stock prospects have meanwhile made investors cautious ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jul 4, 2002

Fundamentals, intervention to rein in yen

The dollar's slide remains unstoppable. After U.S. President George W. Bush remarked that the unit's value should be determined by market forces, the currency rapidly plunged below 120 yen, despite the Bank of Japan's market intervention. The dollar is losing ground not only against the ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 6, 2002

Dollar decline set to continue despite BOJ

The dollar's steep decline in interbank trading has prompted the Bank of Japan to intervene repeatedly in currency trade over recent weeks. Despite the BOJ's intervention, however, the dollar remains under downward pressure. Concerns over a slower-than-expected U.S. economic recovery, plus fears of fresh terrorist attacks ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE May 9, 2002

Dollar drops, rebound remains in question

The gap between Japanese and U.S. economic fundamentals has long been a major factor behind the dollar's strong showing. The dollar has given up much of its recent gains, however, and is now hovering around 128 yen. Having hit a three-year high of around 135 yen ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Apr 5, 2002

Don't look for a strong yen showing soon

The yen appears likely to remain under downward pressure for some time. The currency market is beginning to expect a pickup in Japanese investment in foreign securities after the start of the new fiscal year. Japanese pension funds, individual investors and trust funds are expected to ...