Jomo Kwame Sundaram

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Commentary / World Jun 6, 2016

Trans-Pacific shell game

While the Trans-Pacific Partnership might help the U.S. advance its goal of containing China's influence in the Asia-Pacific region, the economic case is not nearly as strong.

Commentary / World May 12, 2011

Food fears return to haunt developing world

Lack of food is rarely the reason that people go hungry. The world today produces enough food to feed everyone. The problem is that more and more people simply cannot afford to buy the food they need. Even before the recent food-price increases, a ...

Commentary / World Jan 20, 2010

Poverty remains endemic

NEW YORK — Last year the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization announced that the number of hungry people in the world increased over the last decade. In 2008, the World Bank announced a significant decline in the number of poor people up to 2005. If ...

Commentary / World Jun 4, 2008

Reaping harvests of dire hunger worldwide

NEW YORK — Lack of food is rarely the reason people go hungry. Even now, there is enough food in the world, with a bumper harvest this year, but more people cannot afford to buy the food they need. Addressing this growing crisis is ...