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Apr 4, 2014

Scotland: a nation, not a region

For Scotland, independence — the question in September's referendum — is about democracy not nationalism. It's about righting the wrongs of a country living its life as a region.

/ May 17, 2011

Scottish independence closer after election

The 700th anniversary of Scotland's most famous victory could mark the date it reaffirms independence from England. The Scottish National Party (SNP) secured an historic result in the May 5 election to the devolved Holyrood Parliament in Edinburgh. It was the extent of the landslide ...

/ Apr 27, 2007

United Kingdom divorce in the pipeline?

The political marriage of the Scots and English parliaments was consummated 300 years ago in 1707. In less than a week the Scots may begin filing for divorce. The date of the Scottish parliamentary elections on May 3 could herald the end of three ...