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Reader Mail Apr 22, 2012

Keep the wrecking ball at bay

I like Tokyo Tower. I will get used to the Tokyo Sky Tree (public opening due May 22), but for now I feel more for the familiar graceful lines and the more humane proportions of the older tower. It is an architectural icon, and ...

Editorials Nov 27, 2011

Warm Biz warming up

With the relatively successful Super Cool Biz campaign over for the autumn, the next drive for saving energy is already under way. Warm Biz is the latest campaign to save energy after the March disasters in Tohoku left dozens of nuclear reactors offline and ...

Editorials Jun 27, 2010

'Recklessly' sexual characters

A bill to revise the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's bylaw to promote the healthy development of youths has been voted down by the metropolitan assembly amid some controversy. Its main feature was to limit where a store could display cartoons and animation that depict the ...