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Mar 20, 2000

Antarctica without the suffering

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand -- Writing of his experience while exploring Antarctica as a member of the ill-fated Scott expedition, Apsley Cherry-Garrard recalled, "Such extremity of suffering cannot be measured. Madness or death may bring relief. But this I know: We on this journey were ...

Feb 9, 2000

New Zealand lunkers rise to flies

Few places in the world rival the South Island of New Zealand either for superb fly fishing or for stunning scenery, and the Ahuriri River in the Canterbury District is the sort of place every fly-fisherman who hasn't been wants to go to, and ...

Dec 7, 1999

Net, video help preserve sailor's POW ordeal

Regional correspondent Stanley Willner's wartime odyssey began on Nov. 29, 1942, when the merchant vessel he was serving on was torpedoed by a German raider in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar. He was plucked from the water by the German crew ...

Nov 5, 1999

Incense maker going strong 12 generations into business

Staff writer KYOTO -- It was originally used to keep time. Later its use spread to Buddhist ceremonies. In ancient Japan, only the nobility enjoyed it. Nowadays, however, incense is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Family-run incense maker Shoyeido of Kyoto has been ...

Aug 5, 1999

Jambalaya! Cooking to die for in the Big Easy

A visitor to New Orleans in the early part of this century described the city as "a paradise for gluttons," and considering that the Big Easy has the highest number of restaurants per square kilometer in the United States and its denizens have the ...

Jul 14, 1999

Memphis, where the 'King' still rules

In reference to the legacy of Elvis Presley, Neil Young once sang "The King is dead, but not forgotten." Perhaps nowhere is the King's spirit more alive than in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn. His presence there is as ubiquitous as glass beads during Mardi ...

May 23, 1999

Collector's 1,800 lighters like old flames, not for discard pile

KYOTO -- To the average person, a cigarette lighter is just a 100 yen convenience store item to be tossed in the garbage when the fuel runs out. But to retired Kyoto businessman Makoto Yamaguchi, 48, cigarette lighters are an all-consuming passion. He has amassed ...

/ Mar 17, 1999

Exxon Valdez damage lingers, 10 years on

Ten years ago, March 24, 1989, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef south of Valdez, Alaska, precipitating the largest oil spill in North American history and forever altering the image of Prince William Sound as a largely untouched ecosystem. In the ...