Charles Lane

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Commentary / World Sep 27, 2013

Merkel's risk-averse charm

One way to interpret Chancellor Angela Merkel's sweeping victory is that it was what you would expect from an electorate dominated by the well-heeled and the silver-haired.

Commentary / World Sep 25, 2012

Censorship by riot puts West on slippery slope

Last Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo, a French satire magazine, published cartoons that nastily mock the Prophet Muhammad, and European governments immediately feared more violence like the murder and arson at U.S. diplomatic installations that followed the appearance of a crude video about Muhammad. France closed ...

Commentary / World Sep 20, 2011

Getting to know Ron Paul by his own words

Ron Paul and his supporters gripe that the media do not give his campaign the attention it deserves. OK, let's focus on his animated diversions in last Wednesday night's Republican debate. He seemed to advocate a new system of silver coinage, just like the one we ...