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Commentary / World Sep 22, 2012

Freedom of speech, blasphemy and violence

Violent attacks on U.S. diplomatic outposts across North Africa and the Middle East have once again raised the question of how to respond when Americans and other Westerners engage in provocative expression that others consider blasphemous. Though the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission ...

Commentary / World Jan 17, 2011

Blasphemy hardly equates to hate speech

NEW YORK — The assassination of Salman Taseer, the governor of Punjab province in Pakistan and an outspoken critic of religious extremism, has focused attention on his country's Draconian blasphemy law. Adopted in its present form by Gen. Mohammad Zia ul-Haq's military dictatorship more than ...

Commentary / World Jul 22, 2008

Progress in making criminal leaders pay

PRAGUE — It has been only a little more than 15 years since the first of the contemporary international courts was created to prosecute those who commit war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Yet there is already a persistent theme in criticism of ...

Commentary / World May 3, 2008

African Union has a role to play in Zimbabwe

JOHANNESBURG — Although the Chinese ship that was carrying arms to Zimbabwe, the An Yue Jiang, has reportedly turned back, we don't know where else President Robert Mugabe's military and paramilitary forces may be acquiring weapons. In light of the escalating violent repression of the ...