Mar 7, 2017

Mayor gives OK to restart two Genkai reactors

A Saga Prefecture mayor approved a plan Tuesday to restart two nuclear reactors in his town, a step toward the resumption of the nation’s third atomic power plant since the 2011 Fukushima disaster. “While taking the assembly’s approval seriously, I decided to accept the ...

Nuclear-power advocate elected Ikata mayor in landslide

Oct 3, 2016

Nuclear-power advocate elected Ikata mayor in landslide

An advocate of atomic power plants has steamrolled his anti-nuclear rival in the Ikata, Ehime Prefecture, mayoral election, garnering more than seven times as many votes as his opponent. Sunday’s election followed the resignation of the former mayor, who had backed the recent restart ...

Sep 4, 2016

Monju and the nuclear fuel cycle

If the cost problem finally spells doom for the Monju project, the government and power companies should also consider the cost-efficiency of the nuclear fuel cycle program.