Hand grip is telltale of heart's health: study

May 14, 2015

Hand grip is telltale of heart's health: study

Testing people’s hand strength could be a simple, low-cost way to screen them for the risk of heart attack or stroke, The Lancet reported on Thursday. Canadian-led researchers carried out a large-scale probe into evidence that a firm hand grip is a rough yet ...

May 6, 2015

Study claims Europe facing massive obesity problem

Nearly all Irish adults are likely to be overweight in 15 years’ time, said a study Wednesday that warned of a European “obesity crisis of enormous proportions.” On current trends, some 89 percent of Irish men will be overweight by 2030, and nearly half ...

Apr 30, 2015

Scientists find chemical clues on obesity in urine samples

Scientists have identified chemical markers in urine that are linked to body mass, offering clues about why people who are obese are more likely to develop illnesses such as cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease. The findings may also help researchers identify people who ...

'Boxerciser' helps fight Fukushima kids' flab

Mar 6, 2015

'Boxerciser' helps fight Fukushima kids' flab

Professional boxer and model Tomomi Takano has turned her attention to the Tohoku region, where obesity spiked after the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, especially in nuclear disaster-struck Fukushima Prefecture. She is introducing “boxercise” to help local children engage in physical activity. On ...

Diet guide drops cholesterol warning

Feb 20, 2015

Diet guide drops cholesterol warning

The U.S. government’s draft dietary guidelines no longer include a warning against eating foods high in cholesterol, representing a major shift in policy, officials said Thursday. Until now, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommended that cholesterol intake be limited to 300 milligrams per day ...

Feb 15, 2015

New policy in China's military will link promotions with weight, fitness

A new military policy in China requires all personnel to meet weight limits and links promotions to fitness, a People’s Liberation Army newspaper said Friday. The policy of the Communist Party’s Central Military Commission aims to ensure physical fitness in China’s armed forces, where ...

Feb 12, 2015

Widest gene study shows complex scale of obesity

The largest-ever DNA probe into obesity has thrown up scores of clues for the inherited factors behind a worsening health problem, researchers said on Wednesday. Investigators said they netted more than 100 previously-undiscovered gene variants that play a part in obesity’s complex processes. Some ...