Mar 21, 2014

Japan to unveil $1 billion aid to Ukraine at G-7 summit: NHK

Japan plans to provide nearly $1 billion in financial aid to Ukraine, NHK said Friday, as relations with Russia cool over the Crimea crisis. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to announce the support when he attends a Group of Seven meeting in the Netherlands ...

Independent NHK chained to Diet leash

| Mar 3, 2014

Independent NHK chained to Diet leash

by Reiji Yoshida

NHK, which is often compared with the BBC in the U.K., has been a focus of public attention and intense criticism in recent weeks. Many people are taking a closer look at the public broadcaster, including its history and whether it has been politically ...

NHK governor withheld payments for license fee

Feb 28, 2014

NHK governor withheld payments for license fee

A recently appointed member of NHK’s board of governors has admitted withholding payment of the license fee for two months in 2005 to protest a program about the controversial issue of whether school teachers should be required to sing the national anthem. Michiko Hasegawa ...

Feb 26, 2014

Ex-NHK official arrested on fraud charges

A former official at NHK’s television technology research center has been arrested for allegedly submitting a fictitious order to an audio equipment firm. Kimio Hamasaki, 56, a former chief researcher at NHK’s Science & Technology Research Laboratories, was arrested Tuesday along with Hiroyasu Sato, ...