How the word 'terrorism' can help pass a bill

/ | Mar 25, 2017

How the word 'terrorism' can help pass a bill


During the recent Diet grilling over his alleged involvement in the Moritomo Gakuen land purchase scandal, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe accused his opposition party tormentors of resorting to inshō sōsa. The most accurate English translation is probably “image manipulation,” which, in the age of ...

/ Feb 7, 2017

NHK reporter arrested for alleged rape

An NHK staff reporter who was arrested for allegedly raping and injuring a woman in her 20s in Yamagata Prefecture last February likely entered her house through an unlocked door or window, investigative sources said Tuesday. Yasutaka Tsurumoto, 28, who was arrested Monday, is ...

Jan 13, 2017

NHK gets wrist slap over tardy report on embezzlement

The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry slapped NHK on the wrist Thursday after belatedly learning that an employee, now deceased, embezzled several hundred thousand yen from the public broadcaster. The ministry demanded that NHK report how the misdeed was carried out and outline steps ...

Current NHK board member Ryoichi Ueda named president

Dec 6, 2016

Current NHK board member Ryoichi Ueda named president

NHK’s Board of Governors decided Tuesday to appoint Ryoichi Ueda, former senior executive vice president of major trading house Mitsubishi Corp., as the next president of the public broadcaster. Ueda, a 67-year-old member of the board, was selected as successor to Katsuto Momii, the ...