Sep 3, 2014

Two S. Korean soldiers suffocate during captivity training

Two South Korean special operations soldiers collapsed and died during training Tuesday night, the military said Wednesday. The two staff sergeants, in their early 20s and identified by their family names of Lee and Cho, apparently suffocated during a training exercise that aimed to ...

Aug 16, 2014

Short, daily run helps prolong life

Going out for a quick, daily run may be just as effective as a long-distance jaunt when it comes to prolonging your life, according to a recent study. Running as little as five to 10 minutes per day can significantly cut the risks of ...

London seniors take up 'parkour'

Jul 3, 2014

London seniors take up 'parkour'

On a recent morning in London, Lara Thomson practiced spinning on benches, swinging from metal bars and balancing off raised ledges — all elements of a daredevil discipline known as “parkour.” What was unusual about the scene is that Thomson is 79 and all ...

Female arm-wrestlers fight hand in hand, tongue in cheek

Jun 30, 2014

Female arm-wrestlers fight hand in hand, tongue in cheek

Signature bottle of bourbon in one hand, “Amy Smackhouse” uses the other to slam down her opponent’s arm, her latest victory in a Washington women’s arm-wrestling tournament. The light-hearted event aims to raise money for charity, but there is a competitive edge of sorts. ...

'Skinny' Southeast Asia starts to battle growing bulge

Jun 12, 2014

'Skinny' Southeast Asia starts to battle growing bulge

Many Southeast Asian countries are rolling out measures so people can make healthy choices before obesity turns into the full-blown epidemic seen in many Western countries. Obesity is a priority for Singapore’s government, said Zee Yoong Kang, chief executive of the city-state’s Health Promotion ...

Feb 24, 2014

Social contact, regular exercise key to living longer

Social contact and regular exercise are key to aging well and living a longer life, according to new research. In fact, feeling extremely lonely can increase an older person’s chances of premature death by 14 percent, an impact nearly as strong as that of ...