Electronic voting loses steam over glitches, cost

Aug 21, 2014

Electronic voting loses steam over glitches, cost

Electronic voting has failed to catch on at the municipal level, reflecting problems with voting machine glitches and the high cost of developing and maintaining the systems. Only three municipalities in the nation — the city of Kyoto, the city of Niimi in Okayama ...

Aug 18, 2014

Polls suggest defeat in Scottish vote

With just a month to go until Scotland votes on independence from Britain, polls suggest the plan will be defeated, leaving First Minister Alex Salmond and the “yes” camp in an uphill battle to secure victory. Salmond has struggled to convince a majority of ...

Aug 11, 2014

Hillary Clinton criticizes Obama's foreign policy

Distancing herself from President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, potential 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in an interview Sunday that the U.S. decision not to intervene early in the Syrian civil war was a “failure.” Republican critics and others have faulted Obama for ...