2016 has fewest U.S. death sentences since 1970s

Dec 22, 2016

2016 has fewest U.S. death sentences since 1970s

Only 30 people were sentenced to death in the United States this year, the lowest number since the early 1970s and a further sign of the steady decline in use of the death penalty. The number is a sharp drop from the 49 death ...

Nov 15, 2016

China executes man who killed official after home demolished

A Chinese man who killed a village official after his home was forcibly demolished was executed on Tuesday, a court said, despite a public outcry over his condemnation. Jia Jinglong shot dead his village chief with a nail gun in the northern province of ...

Sep 13, 2016

Death sentence upheld for killer of five in rural Japan

The Hiroshima High Court on Tuesday upheld the death penalty for a 66-year-old man convicted of killing five neighbors and setting fire to two of their homes in a remote community in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 2013. In July last year, the Yamaguchi District Court ...