Jun 25, 2015

Bosnia grants first ever compensation to wartime rape victim

A Bosnian court Wednesday ordered two former soldiers to compensate a woman they raped during the 1990s conflict in an unprecedented ruling that could open the door to justice for thousands of victims. Bosiljko Markovic and Ostoja Markovic were each sentenced to 10 years ...

May 24, 2015

'Kingdom of Enclava' moves to new home on Croatian-Serbian border

The world’s youngest micro-nation, the self-proclaimed “Kingdom of Enclava,” on Saturday announced it will settle on a new spot along the Croatian-Serbian border after learning that its initial chosen location was in fact on Slovenian territory. “We cease all activities related to the establishment ...

Hope at last for Croatia war rape victims

Apr 24, 2015

Hope at last for Croatia war rape victims

More than two decades and lots of therapy have done little to heal Ana Horvatinec’s trauma of wartime rape by her neighbors in the Croatian town of Vukovar. “There were six of them. . . . I had to watch what they did to ...

Feb 25, 2015

Reality TV shows draw hordes of S. Koreans to Croatia

Koreans finding love and adventure traveling through Croatia in reality TV shows have put the Balkan nation on the map, making it a popular tourist destination for the Asian market. It all started back in 2012 with the filming of the South Korean show ...

Feb 10, 2015

Croatian court bans dog from barking at night

Medo is in trouble for doing what all dogs do: barking. A fed up neighbor in a northern Croatian village has won a temporary court order that says Medo must stop barking at night. If not, owner Anton Simunovic must pay some €2,800 ($3,160). ...

U.N.'s highest court absolves Croatia, Serbia of genocide

Feb 3, 2015

U.N.'s highest court absolves Croatia, Serbia of genocide

The United Nations’ highest court ruled Tuesday that neither Croatia nor Serbia had committed genocide against each other’s populations during the wars that accompanied the violent breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Both sides said they hope the ruling will mark a watershed in ...