Ramen Girls Festival ’16

International Women’s Day may have passed, but celebrations continue with the 2016 Ramen Girls Festival, where women are encouraged to slurp down bowls of piping hot noodles.

Ramen vendors from all across Honshu are gathering in Yokohama to dish out their creative takes on one of Japan’s favorite staples. For ¥900 a bowl, you can sample Italian-style ramen, kabocha (pumpkin) ramen, even spicy Sichuan-style ramen.

Satoko Morimoto, head of the Ramen Girls Festival, says the aim of the event is to get more women involved in ramen culture and to combat the social stigma surrounding women who visit noodle restaurants, especially those who like to go by themselves.

Men, of course, are allowed to join the fun, but for those who prefer to dine without them, there will also be a special women-only area. (Drew Bateman)

Ramen Girls Festival takes place at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse event plaza. For more information, visit the website.