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Japan Times
Dec 5, 2015
A quick lesson on sexual harassment in schools
When you find criticism of your country disturbing, the best way to dismiss it is to find a flaw in the critique and use it to justify dismissing the rest of the evidence as well. Sometimes it works, but only if people don't really do their homework.
Mar 19, 2015
Miyagi mayor sued for sexual harassment dissolves village assembly
The mayor in the village of Ohira, Miyagi Prefecture, dissolved the village assembly this week after he was sued for alleged acts of sexual harassment.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Feb 26, 2015
Top court backs Kaiyukan on sex harassment suspensions
In a first, the Supreme Court backs sexual harassment penalties issued by an Osaka aquarium, overturning a high court ruling.
Japan Times
Jan 30, 2015
54% of assemblywomen uncomfortable with counterparts' sexist acts
A nationwide survey of assemblywomen said Friday that just over 54 percent of female lawmakers feel uncomfortable when exposed to sexist acts, remarks or verbal abuse from assemblymen.
Nov 21, 2014
Gunma University fires professor for verbal harassment
Gunma University has fired a professor at its medical school for verbally harassing his staff, including by telling a women she was not allowed to have children.
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Oct 17, 2014
Apparent sexual harassment proves school vice principal's undoing
The vice principal of a public elementary school in Tokyo on Thursday was suspended for six months after asking a female college student who had visited the school for teacher training to sell her pantyhose. The vice principal resigned the same day.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Politics
Jul 4, 2014
Sexist heckling occurred at April Diet committee meeting: female Diet member
A Lower House member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party admits heckling a female opposition member in April by telling her to 'get married and have children.'
JAPAN / Crime & Legal
Jul 3, 2014
Man accused of egging office of sexist heckler
Police on Wednesday sent a case to prosecutors accusing a man in his 50s of throwing raw eggs at the entrance to the office of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member Akihiro Suzuki on June 23.
Jul 1, 2014
Weak response to sexist taunts
The way in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly's effectively closed the book on the sexist jeering of a female assembly member during a plenary session raises doubts as to whether the assembly takes sexual harassment seriously.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 26, 2014
Resolution to ID hecklers voted down
The Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly uses the last day of its full session to reject a resolution for identifying the other lawmakers involved in heckling an assemblywoman last week.
Jun 26, 2014
Activists demand action on sexism
While the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party hope the furor over misogynist comments will swiftly blow over, others are continuing to press for a crackdown on discriminatory behavior in politics.
Jun 24, 2014
Harassment rife in local assemblies
The sexist taunting of a female politician during a session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is part of a long-running problem and victims often suffer in silence, some assembly members say.
JAPAN / Politics
Jun 19, 2014
Female Your Party member interrupted by sexist heckles
The sexist nature of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is revealed after a member is verbally harassed by her male colleagues while addressing the national birthrate problem.
Feb 12, 2013
Coaches in two other sports admit seeing physical abuse: survey
In the wake of claims of physical and verbal abuse made by national women's judo team members, a Kyodo News survey on Sunday found that training staff in two additional sports admitting knowing of physical abuse.
Japan Times
Jan 28, 2013
Blame it on the hara: harassment vocabulary makes us all victims
Japan has a new hara. No, the nice couple down the hall didn't just have a baby; according to recent news, yet another form of harassment is supposedly becoming a social problem.


Traditional folk rituals like Mizudome-no-mai (dance to stop the rain) provide a sense of agency to a population that feels largely powerless in the face of the climate crisis.
As climate extremes intensify, Japan embraces ancient weather rituals