The cherry blossoms in Nakameguro have mostly disappeared and so, too, the milling crowds. Now the rest of us can get back to enjoying quiet strolls along the Meguro River. No need for those ad-hoc street stalls. Plenty of good refreshments await once you get to Ikejiri-Ohashi. Destination: Massif.

Part restaurant, part cafe and wine bar, this recent arrival occupies a significant chunk of the ground floor of Ohashi Kaikan, an old-school, low-rise neighborhood hotel that has been refurbished, rebranded and given a welcome new lease on life since last summer.

Massif springs from the same creative, entrepreneurial hearts and minds as the excellent Parklet bakery-cafe in Nihonbashi on the other side of the city. But where Parklet’s emphasis is on breakfasts, baked goods and fine java, Massif has a more expansive mission.