Dessert Watch doesn't play favorites, but recently McDonald's Japan has been on a roll that's hard to ignore. The once besieged fast food chain has been scoring sweet hits (and online buzz) in the past few months, and its latest continues the streak.

After the strawberry chocolate pie and the "tee-hee ha-ha" adult cream pie dessert, McDonald's is rolling out a Kit Kat McFlurry, available until early March. This variation (¥290) doesn't offer any major surprises — it's a McFlurry with chunks of the crispy candy bar mixed in. But it's the first of its kind and, as a result, has piqued interest from fast-food observers across the country.

There's nothing too fancy about this: The treat sticks to the original flavor of Kit Kat rather than working with one of the dozens of Japan-only creations out there.

Keeping it simple works though, as all one really needs in a McFlurry is a candy with a nice chocolate flavor and a bit of a crunch. This dessert delivers, and keeps McDonald's recent dessert output on its hot streak.