Have you ever bitten into a dorayaki (sweet red bean paste pancake) and thought to yourself, "I like this, but I wish the filling was quadrupled, so it has the same volume as two Double Stuf Oreos combined?"

Seven-Eleven now has your back on this one. The convenience store has been going heavy on the filling with its new line of dorayaki, and the latest edition in the series taps into the matcha trend for a perfect storm of Konbini Watch coverage. The green tea creation (¥297 after tax) just hit shelves and stands out for its sheer size. It's big. Really big.

You've got to like the flavor of green tea to get into something this intimidating. The matcha cream dominates the sweet, so you better be all-in; there isn't much else to balance this snack out.

Personally, I found it a little too much, but tea fans would probably think differently. Just make sure you have a fork ready.