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Words and phrases

電通 (でんつう) Dentsu Inc.

全国 (ぜんこく) nationwide

6万人 (ろくまんにん) 60,000 people

対象にする (たいしょうにする) to target

調査 (ちょうさ) survey

同性愛 (どうせいあい) homosexuality

レズビアン lesbian

ゲイ gay

両性愛 (りょうせいあい) / バイセクシュアル bisexual

生まれつき (うまれつき) born with

性別 (せいべつ) gender, sex

違和感 (いわかん) to feel discomfort

持つ (もつ) to have

トランスジェンダー transgender

など and others

性的少数者 (せいてきしょうすうしゃ) sexual minority

該当する (がいとうする) to identify

上る (のぼる) to be totaled

発表する (はっぴょうする) to announce

11人に1人 (じゅういちにんにひとり) 1 in 11 people

計算 (けいさん) calculation

年 (ねん) year

前回 (ぜんかい) previous

ポイント point

上昇する (じょうしょうする) to go up/ to rise

総称 (そうしょう) generic term

~の一つ (~のひとつ) one of ~

知る (しる) to know

質問 (しつもん) question

何となく (なんとなく) in some vague way

答える (こたえる) to answer

計 (けい) total

大幅に (おおはばに) considerably

増える (ふえる) to increase

認知度 (にんちど) rate of recognition

急速に (きゅうそくに) rapidly

実施する (じっしする) to carry out

Quick questions

1) LGBTとはどんな意味ですか。

2) 今回の調査によると、回答者のうちLGBT該当者は何人に1人でしたか。

3) 調査によると、LGBTの認知度は2015年からどのぐらい増えて、いま何パーセントですか。


In a survey aimed at 60,000 people nationwide by Dentsu Inc. on the 11th, it was announced that 8.9 percent of respondents identified themselves as sexual minorities (LGBT), which means homosexual individuals such as lesbians or gays, bisexual people and transgender individuals — those who were born having a feeling of discomfort with their gender. The percentage is about 1 in 11 people, a rise of 1.3 percentage points from 7.6 percent in a previous survey conducted in 2015.

To the question “Do you know that ‘LGBT’ is a generic term for sexual minorities?” a total of 68.5 percent of the respondents answered “I know” or “Yes, I vaguely know the term.” The recognition rate has increased rapidly, up from 37.6 percent in the previous survey.

The survey was conducted on the Internet last October, targeting people nationwide aged between 20 and 59 years old.


1) What is the definition of LGBT?


Sexual minorities such as homosexual people, bisexual people and those who were born having a feeling of discomfort with their gender (transgender people).

2) According to this survey, what was the ratio of people who identified themselves as LGBT to the total respondents?


About 1 in 11 people.

3) According to the survey, how much did the recognition rate of (the term) “LGBT” increase from 2015? What is the rate now?


Compared to the previous rate, it increased by 30.9 percent. It’s now 68.5 percent.

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