The "Five Modern Noh Plays" by Yukio Mishima (1925-70) has already been the subject of many adaptations, but the latest is by marionette theater company Youkiza. Not only is the original set of yūgen (a mysterious, profound universe) retained, but so is the modern approach typical of novelist Mishima's dramas.

"Kantan" and "The Lady Aoi," two noh pieces adapted by Mishima, will be performed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in Ikebukuro from June 19-23.

The performances will be directed by Osamu Matsumoto, who is known for original interpretations of the classics. He'll be supported by illustrator Seiichi Hayashi, who is in charge of the puppet design, and composer Neko Saito, who has worked with artists such as Hikaru Utada.

The performances are a part of Youkiza's 380th anniversary celebrations.

"Kantan" and "The Lady Aoi" will be performed together at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater's Theater East in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, from June 19-23. Starting times vary. Advance tickets cost between ¥4,500-¥5,500. For more information, call 042-322-9750 or visit (in Japanese).