A love of adventure led to a career as an outdoor guide for 36-year-old Norihiro Kanzawa. Originally from Saitama Prefecture, he now makes his home in the town of Niyodogawa, Kochi Prefecture, where he runs Niyodo Adventure with his Canadian wife, Zoe. The couple, who lead canyoning and packrafting tours along the sparkling blue waters of the Nakatsu Gorge, welcomed their first child, Leo, on Oct. 27.

1. Have you always been an “outdoors” person? Yes, I’ve loved being outside since I was a child, playing in the river or catching insects in vacant lots around the neighborhood.

2. What was your first job? After graduating from university, I worked as a tour guide on Irabujima, a small island located next to Miyako Island in Okinawa. I led snorkeling and scuba diving tours there.