Nguyễn Giang

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Commentary Oct 24, 2011

Olympus case a black mark for Japan

The recent dismissal of the British chief executive of Olympus has once again drawn the attention of European media to peculiarities in corporate governance in Japan. Accounting practices and lack of transparency have aroused particular concern. It seems strange that Michael Woodford should have been ...

Reader Mail Jun 12, 2011

Benefits of singing the anthem

Regarding the June 7 editorial, "": As a student, I sang the national anthem "Kimigayo" and felt that I was a Japanese. I cannot agree with former Tokyo-area high school teacher Yuji Saruya's opinion and I wonder if he has contemplated the importance of ...

Editorials Apr 12, 2011

Reconstruction after the disaster

A month has passed since the massive quake and tsunami on March 11 devastated the pacific coastal area of the Tohoku region. Some 13,000 people perished and about 14,500 people are missing. Some 148,000 evacuees remain at temporary shelters. It is unlikely that the ...