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Commentary / World Sep 28, 2011

Who's afraid of a little class warfare?

A week ago Monday, defending his plan to raise taxes on the rich to pay for job creation, President Barack Obama said: "This is not class warfare, it's math." No, Mr. President, this is class warfare. Corporate interests and the rich started it and, right ...

Editorials Jul 16, 2010

Cell phone service option

On June 30 the communications ministry issued a guideline calling on cell phone operators to remove carrier-specific locks, or SIM locks, so that customers can change from one cell phone operator's services to another's without having to buy a new phone. In accordance with this ...

Editorials Apr 14, 2010

Education with less latitude

The education ministry has screened and approved 148 new textbooks for use in primary schools, most of which will be introduced to classrooms in fiscal 2011. The textbooks are notably thicker than those that were approved in the last round of screening. When approving ...