College campuses studying on borrowed time

Apr 25, 2015

College campuses studying on borrowed time

by Daisuke Kikuchi

University students are taking out massive loans to pay for their tertiary education and generally end up facing a crippling repayment timetable that is impossible to service. We examine the alarming state of student debt and what is being done to improve conditions for ...

Apr 2, 2015

Johns Hopkins sued over sexually transmitted disease study

More than 750 plaintiffs are suing the Johns Hopkins Hospital System Corp. over its role in a series of medical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s and 1950s during which subjects were deliberately infected with venereal diseases without their consent. The lawsuit in Baltimore ...

Mar 18, 2015

Tokyo University inks partnership agreement with Cambridge

The University of Tokyo has formed a strategic partnership with the University of Cambridge to deepen exchanges with the elite British university, including faculty and student exchanges, as well as joint workshops. Japan’s top-ranked university said the partnership, similar to ones it has also ...

Feb 21, 2015

Indian Nobel winner Sen quits university over government meddling

Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has resigned as chancellor of an Indian university, accusing the government of political interference in higher education. Sen spearheaded the revival of Nalanda University in the northern state of Bihar, one of the world’s oldest seats of learning, taking ...