Jul 22, 2016

Bullet marks downplayed at SDF camp in South Sudan

Bullet marks have been found at a Self-Defense Forces camp in South Sudan, Ground SDF Chief of Staff Toshiya Okabe said Thursday. The troops are supporting a U.N. peacekeeping mission in the young, violence-wracked nation, and whether they have come under fire will add ...

Jul 14, 2016

Japan Embassy staff evacuated from South Sudan

An Air Self-Defense Force transport plane arrived in Djibouti from Juba on Thursday carrying four staff members from the Japanese Embassy in conflict-wracked South Sudan. “I’m relieved. But I’m worried about the 20 to 30 Japanese nationals still in South Sudan,” a female embassy ...

GSDF families briefed on situation in South Sudan

Jul 12, 2016

GSDF families briefed on situation in South Sudan

The Ground Self-Defense Force has told families of personnel stationed in conflict-mired South Sudan that no direct attack has been made on their camp, a GSDF official said Tuesday. The families of the personnel from the 7th Division, based in Chitose, Hokkaido, were told ...

800 Osaka, Nagasaki residents sue over security laws

Jun 9, 2016

800 Osaka, Nagasaki residents sue over security laws

More than 800 people, including atomic bomb survivors, launched legal action against the government this week over controversial security laws they believe threaten their right to live in peace. Following similar lawsuits that have already been filed nationwide in connection with the laws, the ...

May 30, 2016

SDF goes on alert for possible North Korea missile launch

The government put the Self-Defense Forces on alert Monday for a possible North Korean ballistic missile launch, ordering warships and Patriot batteries to be ready to shoot down any projectile heading for Japan. An official confirmed that an order was issued. The official declined ...